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Frequent questions

What is searching and requesting information from the database?

It means offloading the search functionality to an external server which results in speeding up the site.

What is Smart Plugin Manager?

Smart Plugin Manager keeps WordPress plugins and themes safe. The updates are checked, and in case of problems, the previous situation is returned.

What is Genesis Pro(blocks & themes)?

It offers ready-to-use pages and sections.

How do you create an online store?

Add content, predefined design and generate sales.

Don’t I get 24/7 phone and chat support?

Yes. Contact us for details anytime.

Do I have more premium themes available?

Yes. You can choose from 10 premium themes offered by WP Engine to create your website.

Can I migrate the site?

Our support team will help you migrate your site to WP Engine with free automated migration plugin.

How often are backups made?

We automatically back up the site every day. The backup can be obtained at any time if you want to recover the site.

Is the site secure?

Yes. The site is secured with SSL and you have SSH.

How fast is the site?

Site speed is high by site caching optimized for WordPress.

How is the security of the site ensured?

Site security is ensured with free SSL and automatic WordPress and PHP updates.

How is page performance monitored?

You can test the speed of web pages.

What tools are there for local developers?

Use WordPress tools.

What is password authentication?

Customers authenticate using strong passwords.

Other tools:

WordPress multisite network for blogs, single dashboard websites. 

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