Online store BUSINESS price

  • STARTUP PACKAGE – to which is added:
  • + Edit 2 pages
  • + Editing Terms and conditions
  • + Adding 3 articles to the blog
  • + Image gallery
  • + 1 portfolio page
  • + Newsletter form
  • + Add 10 products
  • + Possibility of adding unlimited products (free consultation)
  • + 2 design revisions
  • Execution time 7-15 days


Administration panel:

  • after creating the site, you have free access to the site administration panel, which will allow you to make changes if they are necessary

  • the changes can be made by us for a fee periodically on the basis of the contract or only when there are certain changes that you want to implement on the site – for details contact us.

Custom design:

  • based on the client’s indications, we think of the most suitable design option for the website so that it reflects the brand of your business

  • we can use images provided by you with representative products for the business

  • the consultation regarding the final form of the website design is carried out in the initial stage when we establish together how you want it to look from an aesthetic point of view

Editing pages

  • 5 pages

  • to create websites with several pages, choose the options: START-UP store, BUSINESS store, PRO store

  • to create a site, choose the options: BASIC site, STARTUP site, BUSINESS site, PRO site

Responsive design for viewing on desktop, tablet, phone

  • on all devices (PC, tablet, phone) viewing the page will be easy so that visitors will have a pleasant navigation

  • the buttons will be visible and in the corresponding format

  • the text is edited according to the page format and according to the viewing mode: PC, tablet, phone

Logo creation

  • logo is a representative symbol for the image of a company

  • we make logos according to the specifics of the business

Create icon

  • icon is a representative symbol for the image of a company that appears in the browser before the domain name

  • we make icons according to the specifics of the business

Adding 22 products

  • Our team will add 29 products to the store with the description and pictures provided by you

Possibility of adding unlimited products

  • Later you can add unlimited products after completing the site, when you get access to the Administration Panel

  • For a fee, our team adds products to the website with a picture and description provided by you at the price of 10 euros / 3 products, with multiple pictures, different prices depending on the model or color.

Consulting for the hosting purchase 

  • hosting (online store hosting) will be purchased separately from a hosting provider. Payment is made annually to the hosting provider (from $24/year)

  • free of charge we offer hosting purchase assistance from a hosting provider for website hosting

  • the hosting options depend on the type of business promoted on the website and the hosting provider

  • hosting is paid annually to a hosting provider initially chosen to host the website

  • you can change the hosting provider later by purchasing another hosting package from another provider-

Free domain 1 year

  • the domain name is provided free of charge by us for the first year

  • the extension of the domain name is done annually by contacting the provider of the domain name

  • the price of the domain name starting with the second year is different depending on the extension used .com, .ro, .eu, etc.

4 design revisions

  • for pages, logos and forms we carry out design revisions

  • the design will be established initially together with you, but if you want to change later, 4 revisions can be made for this version

Free SSL installation

  • SSL (HTTPS) is identified by the lock that appears in the browser before the name of the site

  • SSL secures information on the Internet (bank cards, passwords, other information)

  • the SSL certificate makes a big security update for all types of site

  • offers a high degree of confidentiality and security compared to other non-encrypted sites

  • sites that have an SSL certificate installed have better positioning in the Google search engine

  • we offer free SSL installation

Consulting for the purchase of WEB APPS packages

  • Consult the WEB APPS and CUSTON DESIGN packages. We offer complete solutions for your business.

Custom menu

  • Your pages/categories/posts will appear in the customized footer menu according to your preferences (font color, text color, logo/banner integration)
  • The personalized menu will appear on all pages or only on those selected by you
  • The personalized menu will influence the design of the site, attracting more customers

Social icon (Integration of existing social media pages)

  • The pages you have created on social networks can be integrated into the site
  • Customers give a link on the icon and are directed to the social network that you want us to add to the site
  • Social media icons can be added to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, WhatsApp, Telegram, Linkedln, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, Amazon, tumblr, Snapchat, Bandcamp, Behance, Bitbucket, Buffer, CodePen, DevianArt, dribble, Flipboard, Foursquare, GitHub, Goodreads, Google, Google+, Houzz,, Mediu, Meetup, MySpace, Patreon, Periscope, Quora, Reddit, ResearchGate, RSS, Skype, SoundCloud, Spotify, Steam, TripAdvisor, Twitch, VK, Weibo, Xing, Yelp

Create blog

  • The articles created by our team or you will appear in the Blog section

Adding 4 article to the blog

  • For this package we will create 4 article integrated in the Blog section
  • Later you will create more articles or we can make them for a fee. For details contact us

Search box

  • the website search function by keywords

Countdown timer

  • measures the remaining time in the case of promotions


  • Do you have clients who send you messages of thanks as a result of using your services? We include these messages on the page so that other customers can read them and call on your services

Price table

  • On request, depending on the specifics of the business, we integrate a price list with an attractive design into the website

Add Review and Comments to articles

  • Articles can have the option of uploading customer comments and reviews visible

1 Contact form

  • Customers of the site will contact you through a contact form to request more details or to send an order
  • The form will contain the fields requested by you and discussed beforehand
  • The form can be integrated in the Contact Page or in the Presentation Page of the site

Image gallery

  • If you have representative images for your business, we create a gallery with more images

1 portfolio page

  • A portfolio is created with the clients who used the services offered by you
  • The portfolio contains images and a description of services performed for clients or just a list of the most important clients who used your services

1 Newsletter form

  • A newsletter form is created to periodically send customers the latest news about your business
  • Customers who sign up for the newsletter agree to receive news and articles by email and to enter the site’s subscriber database, so that messages sent by email will not go to the Spam column

Free technical assistance for 30 days

  • You will receive free consulting for 30 days for the administration of the Control Panel

  • We manage the site for a fee, depending on the specifics of the business. Contact us for details.

6 month warranty

  • Any errors or mistakes you encounter when administering the site will be fixed by our team for 6 months

Execution time 7-15 days

  • for this version of the site, the execution time is 7 to 15 days from signing the contract and sending the complete details

  • the execution time varies depending on the complexity