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The advantages of 3D rendering and design

Rendering is a computer processing of a 3D model that reproduces all the details of the project. Initially, the finishes, the colors and the type of materials to be used are chosen together with the client. Rendering creates an overview with photorealistic images. The purchase of materials is made after viewing the rendering made by the designer on the computer.

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Advantages of rendering:

  • Provides an overview of the final project, before purchasing the necessary materials
  • The client chooses the colors and consults with the designer
  • The finishes are chosen according to the client’s preferences, shape, model, price
  • Subsequently, the construction team follows step by step the instructions presented in the renderings
  • There is the possibility of making changes for cases where the finishes do not match the wishes of the client

Rendering a building involves:

  • Choice of materials and finishes in consultation with the designer

  • Adding decorative and lighting objects

  • Correct positioning of the furniture for a bright design

  • Render generation

3D rendering / design execution time: approx. 3 working days.