Sniply Marketing

Commissions and benefits Sniply Marketing:

  • Sniply Marketing offers 20% recurring commission
  • 120-day cookie


For social media marketing with Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social you can create Sniply links.

With the Sniply extension installed in your browser you will connect to the social platform.

With the Sniply API you create campaigns, for managing groups of links with a single CTA.

You can shorten URLs to add a custom CTA to the blog post, article, or web page you’re sharing.

Customize the color, design, custom shortlink and domain. Get a custom URL shortening system.

Add an additional message or keywords to campaigns with custom URLs.


  • Custom CTA buttons embedded in every page you share to drive visitors to your site
  • Email capture CTA forms
  • Link analysis, A/B testing, retargeting
  • The call to action button can be customized: a button to a landing page, an email opt-in an ad
  • Custom URL shortening and link management platform
  • Link management tool 
  • URL shortening software 
  • URL management software 
  • Follow the analysis of links: conversion rates, clicks on links
  • Analyze clicks and conversions
  • Collect clicks, conversions, average pages per visit, average time on a landing page, average time on site, bounce rates


Program details:

• 20% recurring commission

Quick starting steps:

  • Log in to your affiliate dashboard. There you’ll find your unique affiliate link, account profile, marketing materials (banners, text links, etc.), performance stats, and payment information.
  • link:


  • 500 clicks per month
  • 20 links per Month
  • Contributors: 1
  • Visit page button
  • Text hyperlink to visit the page
  • Hide bar
  • Themes
  • Analytics
  • Conversion Pixel
  • Integrations with cu Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible, Zapier
  • Extensions with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer
  • Email Support
  • 20000 clicks per month
  • 5000 links per Month
  • Contributors: 3


  • Custom banner image
  • Retargeting Pixel
  • 250.000 clicks per month
  • 50.000 links per Month
  • Contributors: 10


  • API
  • Custom Tracking
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Scripts
  • Setup branding, team management, integration
  • Invoicing
email marketing
  • 5000 clicks per month
  • 1000 links per Month
  • Contributors: 2


  • Email registration form

  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Positioning
  • 50000 clicks per month
  • 10000 links per Month
  • Contributors: 5


  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Shortlink
  • Remove Sniply Branding