What are the advantages and disadvantages of a rendering

Advantages of rendering:

  • offers an overview of finishes and colors before purchasing them from the store
  • the team of builders will follow the details from the rendering to realize the design of a room in terms of colors, finishes, final appearance. In this way, better communication is achieved between the parties involved in the project (clients and builders)
  • design revisions and multiple simulations made on the computer until we get the final version of the project, desired by the client

Disadvantages of rendering:

  • the rendering execution time is 2-10 days, depending on the scale of the project;
  • additional costs for very large projects Rendering will help you avoid unsuccessful projects where you waste time and money.

The rendering allows you to view the final version of the project on the computer and change the finishes and colors before you start purchasing the materials. That way you will know for sure which materials fit and what you want to get.

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Renderings can be made for apartments, houses, villas, exterior spaces, residential complexes, production spaces, industrial spaces, commercial spaces, according to the client’s plans.

For residential complexes, it is an advantage because they can present a house to clients before it is completed. By rendering in real it is possible to offer images from various angles as well as to rotate the space and look from various angles.

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