What is the price of a rendering that allows the visualization of an interior space?


If you imagine what the future house will look like, then the rendering will translate your imagination into 3D images, designed on the computer.

The rendering is a 3D representation of a space that can be done before building a house or when you want to make changes, arrangements.

You can avoid unnecessary problems that may arise if:

  • you do a renovation and you don’t like the final look
  • you build a house and find at the end that you want different partitions, different finishes, different furniture

The price of 3D rendering depends on:

  • the number of desired views/rendering
  • the size of the project
  • the number of changes desired by the client (when he changes his mind and wants a different design and other finishes)
  • rendering quality

The price can be between 40 – 80 EUR/image obtained by rendering. Renderings can be made for both interior and exterior spaces.


Rendering the house – rendering to high standards

What are the steps of making a rendering with high standards:

  • Discussion with the client – aspects related to aesthetics, the cost of materials and finishes, compartmentalization are discussed. Based on the client’s preferences, the best solutions are established for a good quality / price ratio.
  • 2D and 3D representation of space, adding textures, finishes. It is possible to intervene at this stage for aesthetic changes if the client wants this.
  • Rendering that allows viewing the space from various angles, rotating the space.

Interior design services can be supplemented with 2D / 3D design and rendering services

These services are for:

  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D apartment design
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D house design
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D studio design
  • rendering/ interior design/ warehouse 3D design
  • rendering/ hotel interior design/ guesthouse 3D design
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D restaurant design
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D cafe design
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D design of office spaces
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D design of old buildings
  • rendering/ interior design/ 3D design of historical monuments

Specialists in rendering and 3D design on the computer

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