ecommerce, Can I integrate social media pages into the website? Yes. If you have pages already created in social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or others, they will be integrated into the site if you have chosen the STARTUP Standard Package. The PRO package includes the facility to create a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page with a personalized logo. The articles created by us will be posted on the social media pages and other articles can be added later. The created page will be of business type and you have the option to promote it on Facebook through promotion campaigns. What additional costs are added to the standard Packages above?The price of the website creation includes the payment for the hosting package (site hosting on the server) and the payment for the domain name. These are purchased annually from an authorized supplier. To add various forms and functionalities to the site, see EXTRA OPTIONS and choose the service provided by the companies we collaborate with. We offer consultancy in choosing EXTRA OPTIONS packages. Can the site be viewed on a tablet, phone, desktop? Yes. All Standard Packages contain the Responsive Design function for viewing on PC, tablet, phone. After creating the site, you can manage the Control Panel yourself and the Responsive function is kept. The website can be tracked from anywhere, anytime.

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