interior design

interior design, 3d visualization. Rendering and visualization of 2D  3D commercial space, choice of finishes and furniture, design advice. Interview to find out the client’s preferences, Home design with 2D / 3D rendering and visualization for living spaces, design advice, choice of finishes and furniture. Regardless of the space you want to arrange, we find customized solutions, adapted to various requirements. We perform 2D / 3D rendering and visualization for outdoor spaces: gardens, terraces, fencing. Upon request, we offer design variants for custom custom furniture based on discussions with the customer. We offer related services to give life to the prepared projects: choice, purchase and installation of furniture and finishes. Building measurement and survey. We choose the furniture and materials to be used in the arrangement. We perform 2D computer design of the arrangement. We perform computer rendering for each of the cameras. We proceed to the implementation of the project. We make an estimate with the list of materials and furniture and their costs. We order the delivery of materials and furniture. We coordinate and verify the execution of landscaping works. We mount furniture and appliances. We inform you step by step about the status of the project. We carry out the reception of the work and the delivery of the building. We make the 2d interior design on the computer. We make the rendering on the computer for placement in space. We are going to implement the project. INTERIOR DESIGN WITH US – WHAT ARE YOUR ADVANTAGES? Depending on the allocated budget, we create the design by designing 2D / 3D and rendering, allowing the visualization and choosing the right variant. Then we choose the materials, finishes or furniture directly from our suppliers.

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