What is rendering?

The rendering is a 3D representation on the computer of the layout of a house that includes all the details of the project.

Through rendering, the colors, finishes, furniture pieces, suppliers are chosen and a calculation is made to fit into the budget.

Rendering is an advanced procedure for realistic visualization of three-dimensional objects.

You can see how the whole house will look before arranging it and before purchasing the necessary materials for the construction site.

The advantages of rendering are:

  • all the client’s requirements regarding finishes, colors, furniture are transposed into the project and turn from a dream into a reality
  • you can view the overall picture and the details of the arrangement before purchasing the necessary materials for the construction site
  • it will ensure a better organization on the site of the builders who follow the execution steps when viewing the rendering
  • the pieces of furniture and finishes can be modified until the final appearance desired by the customer is obtained
  • you can see how the arrangement of the house will look before you start buying the materials

What is rendering? Rendering is a process of 3D computer visualization of a house after it has been built, during its construction or before. Rendering is used in interior design when the client can choose the furniture, the colors, the arrangement in the space. An interior design can also be done taking into account the rules of feng-shui.

The rendering made before the construction of a house allows us to visualize the details of the construction in 3D on the computer as it will look when it is completed.

When the rendering is done during the construction of the house, we can view several versions with the final version.

Specialists in rendering and 3D design on the computer

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